A look back inside a Las Vegas casino in the 1950s versus today

It is hard to believe how much Las Vegas has evolved in the past 50s years, and the remarkable changes are apparent beyond the evolving spectacle that has become the Las Vegas strip. If we look back to the inside view of a typical Las Vegas casino in the 1950s (in glorious Kodachrome colour), we can only appreciate just how much things have changed both in Las Vegas and in society in general.

Las Vegas Casino 1950s

Amazing look back in time to a Vegas casino in the 1950s in glorious colour.

The main things that jump out in the 50 year old colour Casino photo, which was taken by a private person on a 35mm kodachrome slide, is that the walls are white like a bingo hall, with white fluorescent tube lighting and vinyl floor tiles.

The electronic digital technology of today was decades in the future, and the rows of slot machines were all powered by belts and cables. There was only one neon sign on the Casino floor, that being the “Betting” sign in the far upper ceiling.

The signage in this 1950s Vegas casino promoted “$8 Jackpot” and “25 cent craps”. And look at all the patrons in this casino. Every single gambler was a man, most of which are smoking and wearing top hats, and there is not a single woman present.

Times sure have changed when we compare the typical Las Vegas casino of the 1950s with what has become standard for today. It is hard to image what the inside of a Las Vegas casino will look like in the year 2065, but based on the massive changes over the past 55 years, the photos of today will seem like a whole different world.

inside a Las Vegas Casino today

This is a view inside the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. What a massive difference compared to the 1950s!



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