A word of caution for female visitors to Las Vegas

The following report illustrates why female travellers who are on their own in Vegas must be vigilant regarding their security.

Flamingos at the Flamingo in Las vegas

A friend of ours had a very strange meeting at the Flamingos at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas. Female visitors need to be aware.

After we parted company with a female friend of ours, she went to check out the live flamingos at the Flamingo. While watching the flamingos, a seemingly friendly woman struck up a conversation with our friend.

Apparently, the woman claimed to be a local, and said that she was at the hotel having her hair done. After about twenty minutes of very pleasant conversation, this “local” woman asked our friend if she would like to go for a drink or bite to eat.

Our female friend politely declined saying she would be fine. At that point, the woman said she needed to change out of her sweat pant, and asked our female friend to get in her car, and go to her place, as they could then go out.

Our female friend immediately declined knowing that you never ever get in anyone’s car when traveling solo in situations like this. The woman then said they could go somewhere more casual, but they still needed to drive there in her car, and again our female friend declined this invitation as well.

When our friend asked if there was anywhere they could go by walking, the woman declined, but kept trying to persuade our friend to get in the car with her.

This was a very strange meeting, and the “local” was trying very hard to lure our friend into a situation where she would be vulnerable. When you are in Las Vegas, keep your guard up at all times.



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