Beatles Love Cirque show at Las Vegas Mirage is fantastic!

When the Love Cirque show at the Las Vegas Mirage launched a few years ago, the show was sold out nightly for what seemed like a period of a year or two.

LOVE Beatles Cirque Show Las Vegas

LOVE Beatles Cirque Show Las Vegas is not to be missed!

It was a good three years after the show opened that we finally got to attend, and my spouse got the tickets for us as part of my birthday present. Being a huge Beatles fan, this was something I wanted to see very badly, but the ticket costs were so high, we just could not afford to go during earlier visits.

I seem to recall we paid in the $70 range per ticket, which was the most affordable option. That said, even the least costly seats provided a fabulous viewing and listening experience with this show.

We were seated in the rear centre balcony but it was still a solid ten out of ten Cirque show, and I have to say we’ve enjoyed all the Cirque shows we have seen in Las Vegas. This show is basically a 90 minute sight and sound orgy of all things Beatles, that traces the history of the band from the early formative years, through to the turbulent end of the 1960s and the bands eventual break up.

The music is fabulous and the story board re-enactments of periods in the band’s history were amazing. The show tickets were worth every penny, and this is a show that I would be very interested in seeing for a second time. If you love the Beatles, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to this Cirque show.



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