Find the Big Apple experience in Vegas

New York New York incorporates a few towers designed to serve as a replica of famous buildings from New York, namely The Chrysler Building and the famous Empire State Building.

Serving as an ambassador of New York Harbor is a small man-made lake situated to the south of the hotel on Tropicana Boulevard, and the 46-metres high replica of The Statue of Liberty can’t be missed. In addition, you’ll see other famous New York homages including Grand Central Terminal, the Main immigration building, the Soldiers and Sailors monument, New York street re-creations, and plenty of New York themed eateries. (Article continues below.)

Inside the resort, specific betting regions, parlours, restaurants, and gathering rooms derive their name from the same city it means to represent and its neighbourhoods or other historic points. The primary casino, for instance, gets its name from Central Park, and the re-created New York shops are modelled after Greenwich Village.

On the northwest side of the Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard intersection is where this hotel complex is situated. At street level, people on foot are protected from street traffic at the busy intersection by cement boundaries, and overhead skywalks connect New York New York to the other adjacent properties (the Excalibur and MGM Grand).

The hotel boasts twelve bars and clubs, and attracts a generally young demographic, that seems to enjoy the Coyote Ugly, Nine Fine Irishmen and Center Bar for the lively evening party scene.

New York New York in Las Vegas

Big Apple experience in Vegas
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Big Apple experience in Vegas
The name and aura of New York City is employed nicely by the New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The property's construction and design is intended to inspire the city scape horizon of the city it is based on.
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