Buffet of Buffets pass is a must

Buffet fans visiting Las Vegas should investigate the famous Buffet of Buffets pass. We use this pass every time we visit Vegas and find that it represents excellent value.

Las Vegas Buffet of Buffets passYou can either buy the pass as a stand alone purchase or you can incorporate the pass into your hotel reservation. We also do the latter, as we find this makes the most financial sense for us, as we are always staying at a Total Rewards hotel when we visit Vegas.

The pass package usually provides unlimited access to all the buffets in the program for a 24 hour period. So if you plan your meals right, you can have two dinners, one breakfast and one lunch in each purchase of the pass.

Typically, we have our first night’s dinner quite late, say at 7 pm. As it is a 24 hour pass, you then have until 7 pm the following night to complete the pass. But if you arrive at 705 pm the following night, you will not be admitted to use the pass. It is a strict 24 hour pass, not a 24 hour and 5 minute pass.

Therefore, on the second night, you must plan to be seated well before the 7 pm cut off time. This has never been a problem for us as we get to the buffet early, and watch the lines closely to make sure it is not getting too long before we join it.

The pass is valid at the following Vegas buffets:

Carnival World Buffet at Rio
Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo
Le Village Buffet at Paris
Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood
Flavors at Harrah’s
Seafood Buffet at Rio ($15 surcharge)

By combining the Buffet of Buffets pass purchase with the booking of your hotel reservation, you will most certainly save money and time, as your travel planning and purchase efforts are all streamlined.



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