Cheapest Booze on the Vegas Strip

Cheapest Booze in Vegas
Everyone who visits Vegas knows that if you’re looking for booze on the Vegas strip, the cost of purchasing at one of the many liquor stores or variety stores (like Walgreens and CVS) is very expensive, specially when compared to off strip or in other US cities.

There seems to be a booze levy that all the local liquor sellers adhere to so that the price is elevated to stratospheric prices, because people on the Strip are captive customers, and people in Vegas want to party. If you want a nice bottle of wine or bubbly to enjoy in the comfort of your own room, be prepared to pay a hefty premium.

We’re from Canada where booze and liquor prices are always high due to the extra taxes we have to pay, but some of the Vegas strip prices are even higher than what we pay in Canada.

But we have some good news for Vegas booze hounds. We found a little liquor shop on the strip that actually sells booze for the real prices without the hefty Strip markups. This is a tip that you will not find anywhere else and we are happy to share our Vegas expertise with you.

Just look for the liquor store called the “red SODA” (see photo below) in the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Bally’s and this will be your new go-to liquor store in Vegas when you don’t want to get ripped off. And be sure to tell them you heard about them at Primo Vegas!

Red Soda Liquor store for best booze prices on the Vegas Strip