Cravings Buffet at the Mirage gets top marks

Cravings is set with a very modern, funky colored ambience, with ultra modern and stylish glassware and silverware. IME was very impressed! Like the other buffets we sampled on this trip, Cravings also offers a huge variety including sushi (not bad), BBQ, Rotisserie, Salad, Raw, Italian and a few others.

Cravings Buffet Mirage Las Vegas

Cravings Buffet Mirage Las Vegas is an excellent choice.

The raw section featured to AKC legs and the jumbo peeled prawns. The prawns were truly jumbo, and the AKC legs were huge! They were by far the biggest and meatiest AKC legs on this trip! I just loved them. And yes, the AKC legs were cut in half for easy eating. There was also several cold and warm seafood dishes with various types of shellfish and regular fish, and the selection was more than adequate. And they also had fresh lox, which was superb!

M is a vegetarian and she had no problems at all with the non-meat, salad and pasta variety at Cravings, and she was also more than pleased at the Paris Le Village buffet too! M said the baked BBQ beans at Cravings were excellent! As for the deserts, they also had an excellent Gelato bar, but no crËme caramel or creme brule, and their supply of cakes was thinner.

IME said the cakes tasted better elsewhere and the selection was better at the other buffets as well. But a small complaint on an otherwise superb meal.

Cravings Buffet Mirage Las Vegas

Cravings Buffet Mirage Las Vegas



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