Frank Marino’s Divas Vegas Show knockout pics you gotta see!

(Photos copyright Primo Vegas) This show is a must-see, the show’s talented creator Frank Marino will have you falling out of your seat laughing, and this is a show that anyone and everyone will enjoy. It is a show you can see over and over again always enjoying it as much as the time before.

For the uninitiated, Frank Marino has built up very talented and highly entertaining team of top female impersonators that take great pride in re-creating top female performances of the day, including Lizza Minnelli, Cher, Mariah Carey, Lady gag, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Katy perry and others.

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It’s a non stop show that will have wishing it would go on for the rest of the evening. And you’ll leave show looking forward to next time. We rate this show a solid ten out of ten, and tell the Divas and Frank Marino that you heard only good things about them from Primo Vegas.

Divas Las Vegas Frank Marino

Primo Vegas personally recommends you take in Frank Marino’s Divas Show at the Las Vegas Quad. It is a fabulous show, with top female personators, including show creator Frank Marino.



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