Mandalay Bay Las Vegas everything you need to know (SLIDE SHOW)

Talk about hotels in Las Vegas and one of the first names that comes to your mind is that of Mandalay Bay. Located in the state of Nevada this 43 storey supremely built structure is sure to baffle your inquisitive, travel hungry, luxury accustomed personality. MGM Resorts International owns and manages this luxury Vegas property.

The hotel offers over 3,300 well furnished and exquisitely built rooms serviced via two dozen elevators. Mandalay Bay has a world famous casino which is spread over an area of thirteen thousand square meters and sources speculate that the profit earned from this casino alone, is enough to maintain the entire hotel. The hotel also has a Mandalay Bay tram that is well connected to other MGM Resorts Vegas properties. One of the most striking features of this hotel is that it appears to be golden in colour, and this is because of the leaf (which is of golden shade) that has been used on the windows of the hotel. (Article continued below.)

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Mandalay Bay commenced operations in March of 1999, and has only been riding upwards since then. Several top notch personalities who visit Las Vegas hold Mandalay Bay in high regards and often is their first preference location. The hotel’s opening ceremony was marked by Hollywoods top actors riding on Harley Davidson bikes through the main entrance. This ceremony had destined the hotel for success and with time, its stature, revenue and capacity only increased and it continues to do so. In 2003, a convention centre was set up in Mandalay Bay which was the fifth largest convention centre in the USA. Mandalay Bay also offers a dozen restaurants including the world famous Aureole, Kumi, and Lupo. Its Red Square restaurant is highly popular for its versatile and delicious cuisine.

Mandalay Bay has a record 11 acre area dedicated to the swimming pools and has three heated and a normal waved pool besides a pool for children. Mandalay Bay also has a river which is popularly called as lazy river that also has a beautiful waterfall. At a little distance from this hotel, there is a shopping mall named Mandalay Palace present that adds versatility to the hotel and caters to all the needs of the hotel customers. It also has ten bars and they serve as the perfect spot for their customers to relax and have fun.

Mandalay Bay has been continually featuring in several movies, a few of which being Fear Factor, What happens in Vegas, as it is a first choice shooting spot for many directors. Its model has also featured in the popular Rock Star game GTA: San Andreas. The hotel has a Shark Reef Aquarium that has the third largest tank in the USA. Next time you happen to visit Las Vegas, make sure you give this hotel a good look as it is sure to impress and instantly become one of your Vegas dream hotels.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

The Beach at Mandalay Bay is one of the best pool areas in Las Vegas.



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