Possibly the very best place to have breakfast in Las Vegas

For evening dinners in Las Vegas one’s choice is endless. We love the buffets, which are also good choices for lunch, and some of the Vegas buffets even offer breakfast. But for us, there is one Vegas breakfast location that beats all the other’s hands down, when it comes to quality food and unbeatable ambiance all at a very reasonable price.

On the east side of the Strip is lovely open-air French cafe in Paris called Mon Ami Gabi. Many of the waiters are French (most probably students on temporary work visas) and it does not get more authenticly French than this when you are in Las Vegas. If you arrive before 10 am there won’t be much of a wait for your table and you can request one the lovely tables under the large sun umbrellas that are located outside on the open-air balcony that overlooks the strip (slightly elevated from street level).

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[pveslideshow id=”8″ openonload=”false”]If it is particularly hot, the moisture foggers will be working putting out nice cool clouds of cold vapour water, which nicely keeps the area a few degrees cooler than the Strip temperature. Suffice it to say that the service is excellent, and so is the food! The menu has a distinctly French flair, with delectable choices of crepes, omelettes, fruit plates, waffles, egg dishes, croissants and other authentic French breads and pastries.

On the particular day we visited Mon Ami Gabi, the Apple Crepe proved to be one of the most memorable breakfasts in a lifetime of breakfasts! It was out of this world and something to look forward to when next visiting Las Vegas. The three egg and bacon breakfast was also beautifully presented, and the pleasure of eating in the quiet, outside terrace made for all the more enjoyable a breakfast experience not soon to be forgotten!

The crew from Primo Vegas strongly endorses and recommends Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast and encourages all Vegas visitors to drop in on at least morning to savour the delights of this little snap shot of Paris, so elegantly transported to Nevada. And tell them you heard about it on Primo Vegas!

Apple Crepe at Mon Ami Gabi

The apple crepe at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Leas Vegas was out of this world superb!!

Mon Ami Gabi egg and bacon breakfast

The egg and bacon at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas was superb!!



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