Vegas Dude has awesome Vegas Domain Names – looking for partners to make a s*!t load of money!

Lets MakeMoney Vegas as Vegas Boy has some awesome vegas domain names and is looking for partners

Vegas Dude has some awesome Las Vegas domain names and is looking for partners. If you have an awesome idea, get it touch man.

Awesome Vegas Dot Com Domain Names – Major Business Opportunity

This is Vegas Dude, owner of Primo Vegas. Like a stache of fifty thousand Morgan silver dollars, I’ve been sitting on these awesome Las Vegas dot com domain names, awaiting for the right time to dust these babies off.

So I am looking for the right business partners to help me turn these into money machines. If you have a good idea, and are experienced in the space, be it Vegas online or Vegas on the ground, get in touch with me pronto.

But left me be frank, if you will.

I am looking to make a shit load of money here. So if your idea is wishy washy, or you’re not 100% serious, do not even fuckin’ bother wasting my time. You got one shot, so make it good.

Here are my domain names. These babies are almost 20 years old. Like they’ve been sitting in a Carson City vault. Aged like a fine wine. Let’s roll baby!

All You Can Eat Vegas dot com
First Choice Vegas dot com
Front of the Line Vegas dot com
Hot Deals Vegas dot com
Super Deals Vegas dot com
Super Las Vegas Deals dotcom
Premier Vegas Holidays dot com
Premier Vegas Vacations dot com