Zumanity Show in Las Vegas … mixed opinions

The Zumanity show in Vegas had its good and not so good points as I shall explain in this review.

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Zumanity at New York New York

Worth taking in if you can get the tickets at a reasonable price and aren’t too shy when it comes to adult content.

While walking on the Strip we stopped by one of the discount ticket sales booths where you can buy same day tickets for a decent discount. Zumanity is performed in a small theatre inside New York New York Hotel and Casino and there really are not any bad seats in the house.

The lights in the Zumanity theatre hall are dark red. There were silk beds about the stage area and it gives the air of a period swingers club. Do not sit near the front of the stage as the introduction players are quite raunchy with the crowd. Unless of course that’s something you do not mind.

Some of the acts are fantastic. The unclothed dancers in the water bowl were great and the lady dressed with the whip and the guy spinning in the wheel were also interesting. The acrobatic acts including the in flight hoola hoop girl was amazing, but a lot of the acts seemed liked they were contrived to be too sexy for the sake of being riske instead of highlighting the actors’ amazing talent as Cirque performers.

The MC was quite funny, but foul mouthed. In conclusion, this was not my favorite Cirque show but if you can get the tickets for a reasonable price and are not put off by things of an adult nature it is worth taking in.



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